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 Using K1 Fiancee Visas Attorneys

Using a K1 Fiancee Visas specialist attorney to process your fiancee visa has many advantages:

  1. Typically your fiancee will obtain her K1 visa substantially faster if you use an attorney.
  2. The chance of making an error in the K1 visas application process is greatly reduced.  Any error, even a minor one, can delay your application for months.
  3. Attorney prepared K1 visas applications are sometimes scrutinized less carefully by the USCIS, just as CPA prepared tax returns are less scrutinized by the IRS.
  4. You save time and trouble by letting our experts handle the work and worry for you.
  5. Our attorneys will guide your fiancee through the entire K1 visa process by having an experienced native Russian speaker communicate with her by phone and e-mail.  This reduces her anxiety level and prevents her from making a mistake in the process.

Over the last 4 years we have referred over 2,000 fiancee visas applications to our selected attorneys and not one application has been denied.  These attorneys are the most experienced because our company escorts 80% of all romance tours and we recommend these attorneys to all tour participants.  They also have representatives to assist your fiancee in Kiev, Warsaw or Moscow.

There are thousands of immigration attorneys in the U.S. but only a handful specialize in K1 fiancee visas and have Russian speakers on their staff.  Most charge $1,500 - $2,000 but European Connections has negotiated a rate of $1,300.  If you purchase the Fiancee Visa Preparation Kit ($49.95) and subsequently decide to use one of our attorneys, the $49.95 is deducted from the $1,300 attorney fee.  If the lady has a child, there is an additional $100 fee.  The actual K1 visa filing fee of $455 is not included in the attorney fee.

By using a European Connections selected K1 visas attorney you have the assurance that we stand with you.  We direct a large volume of business to these attorneys and have the leverage to guarantee performance.

Our attorneys can provide a contact person to meet your fiancee and assist her in Kiev, Warsaw or Moscow.  Additional charges apply for lodging, travel, food, etc.