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 Why Use a K1 Fiancee Visa Attorney

By using a European Connections recommended K1 fiancee visa attorney, you have the assurance that we stand with you. We direct a large volume of business to these attorneys and have the leverage to guarantee performance.

Most immigration attorneys who specialize in fiancee visas charge $1,500.00 to $2,000.00. European Connections, however, has negotiated a special rate with a few of the best fiancee visa attorneys in the USA. This allows you to obtain a K1 visa for your lady for the lowest rate, $1,300.00. If you have purchased our Do-it-Yourself Preparation Kit ($49.95) you will have a $49.95 credit toward the $1,300.00 fee. If a child is to be included in the fiancee visa application there is an additional $100.00 fee. Our selected attorneys specialize in fiancee visas and can substantially speed up K1 fiancee visa issuance process, and they have a Russian translator on staff to talk your fiancee through the entire process.

What other costs are associated with sponsoring K1 fiancee visas?

If you have not already sent the necessary K1 visa forms to your fiancee for completion (i.e. G-325A, Biographic Information) the attorney may charge a fee for secured shipment and return of these K1 fiancee visa forms (approximately $90.00). Other costs are the USCIS application fee ($455), your fiancee's medical exam ($100.00), the K1 visa fee paid to the U.S. Embassy by your fiancee ($100.00), airfare to the U.S. ($400.00-$800.00 depending on the season and airline), and your fiancee's living expenses in the U.S.

Can the lady work while in the U.S. on K1 Fiancee visa?

Yes, if she requests a work permit and is authorized by the immigration officer to work. If she is granted work permit upon entry into the U.S., the work authorization is only valid for 90 days.

Why not work directly with a fiancee visa attorney instead of through European Connections?

Because we have negotiated a volume discount for our clients and we have the leverage to guarantee the attorneys performance, you don't. We also know that our attorneys are the most experienced because we have referred over 1,000 satisfied clients to them.