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Fiancee Visas for Foreign Brides

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Fiancee Visas for Foreign Brides

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Fiancee Visas Process

Bride visas or K1 visas are intended for use by a fiancee of a U.S. citizen. The K1 visa allows your lady friend or fiancee to travel to the U.S. for a period of up to 90 days, for the purpose of getting married.  If you marry within 90 days of your fiancee's arrival, she can "adjust her status" from a bride visa to a legal permanent resident.

Russian women, as with most foreign women, make excellent wives and respect the sacred institution of marriage.  Inability to find a suitable partner in Russia due to demographic problems motivates them to fall in love and accept bride visa invitations from American men.  The brides visa is the most appropriate and fastest way for a foreign bride to immigrate.

To spare you many hassles and unnecessary headache, K1-Marriage-Visas.com has introduced the Fiancee Visa Do-it-Yourself Application Kit, just $49.45, for bride visas.  This Kit was authored by two of the best bride visas attorneys in the U.S.  However, hiring one of these attorneys to process your bride visa for you has many advantages.  Attorney prepared K1 visas (bride visas) applications are less scrutinized by the INS.  The chance of making an error in the bride visa application process is significantly reduced.

Our recommended attorneys (specialists in bride visas) speed up the K1 visa issuance process and save you all the wasted time and hassles.  K1-Marriage-Visas.com attorneys charge only $1,300, the lowest rate in the industry, and, they are the most experienced.  K1-Marriage-Visas.com refers a large volume of bride visas applications to these attorneys and has the leverage to guarantee that they do the job speedily and successfully.  Last year alone they successfully completed hundreds of fiancee K1 visas (bride visas).