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Fiancee Visas for Foreign Brides

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Fiancee Visas for Foreign Women

Fiancee Visas for Foreign Brides

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Fiancee Visas for Foreign Women

The only way Russian women and all women from third world countries may enter the U.S. is by securing Fiancee visas.  Tourist, visitor or guest visas aren't issued to single foreign women because the U.S. government would have no guarantee the lady would return to her native country after the visa expires.

Fiancee Visas are non-immigrant visas.  They allow your fiancee to enter the U.S. for the purpose of immigration marriage.  The marriage must occur within the 90-day time frame of K1 Visas (fiancee visas). If the marriage does not take place within the life of the Fiancee visas, your lady friend must return to her home country before the K1 visa expires!  For fiancees of U.S. citizens, fiancee visas have many advantages over other types of visas, and is the only viable and appropriate method for marriage immigration to the U.S. Although the K1 fiancee visas process requires careful analysis and case preparation, it is far shorter and more straightforward than other methods of immigration marriage.

Using a K1-Marriage-Visas.com attorney to process your fiancee visas has many advantages. Attorney prepared fiancee visas applications are examined less carefully by the USCIS.  The chance of making an error in the application process is significantly minimized.  Our attorneys (specialists in fiancee visas) speed up the K1 visa issuance process and save you time and hassles.

K1-Marriage-Visas.com K1 fiancee visa attorneys charge only $1,300, the lowest rate anywhere. Please compare prices and you will see that this is true.  K1-Marriage-Visas.com refers a large volume of K1 fiancee visas applications to these attorneys and therefore has the leverage to guarantee performance.  And, because we refer so many of our tour members to these fiancee visa attorneys, they are also the most experienced.  Last year alone they successfully completed hundreds of fiancee visas.