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 Attorney Services for K1 Fiancee Visas

Standard services preformed by the attorney in a typical fiancee visas case:

  1. Provide prompt initial consultation with U.S. citizen to familiarize client with documents and forms needed.
  2. Provide overview of K1 fiancee visa process, answer any questions, and address any unusual or unique concerns.
  3. Provide client with written K1 Fiancees Visa Preparation Package and informational cover letter.
  4. Determine eligibility of U.S. citizen to file Petition for a K1 Fiancee Visa.
  5. Determine correct USCIS office at which to file petition.
  6. Determine correct consulate for K1 fiancee visa interview.
  7. Ensure that correct fees are paid to the USCIS.
  8. Assist U.S. citizen in obtaining foreign documents and signatures for various USCIS forms.  (Additional Fed-Ex fees may apply to international shipments)
  9. Complete necessary K1 visa forms to be filed with the USCIS including sections which must be completed in Russian language.
  10. Crosscheck information on various K1 visa forms (names, addresses, date of birth, prior marriages, etc.) for consistency.
  11. Inspect documents such as birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc. to verify compliance with K1 visa requirements.
  12. Prepare appropriate certificate of accuracy with regard to non-original documents.
  13. Prepare Affidavit of Intent on behalf of petitioner.
  14. Check immigration photos for compliance with K1 fiancee visa requirements including photo size, image size, pose, type of film, etc.
  15. Check all documents for compliance with disclosure requirements for K1 fiancee visas with children.
  16. Prepare Affidavit of Support with appropriate documentation.
  17. Communicate with fiancee in Russian regarding procedure recommended to obtain expedited interview date.
  18. Communicate with fiancee in Russian regarding Fiance visa forms and documents needed for consular interview.
  19. Provide general assistance and advice to U.S. citizen and fiancee regarding K1 fiancee visas and immigration process.
  20. Provide contact person to meet fiancee in Embassy City (Kiev, Warsaw or Moscow) prior to interview.  Additional charges apply for lodging, travel, food, etc.